10 Things: Get It Together

Get It Together: 10 Things Indie Artists should bring to the studio

By Devlin Miles

  1. Charts and lyrics with tempo and keys for each tune (See Be The Best: 10 Things to do before you get to the studio)
  2. Reference tracks– songs that are similar for each tune
  3. Work for Hire agreements to musicians as well as Producer’s Contract that should possibly be signed before the project begins.
  4. Checks to pay musicians – upon signing the Work for Hire agreement
  5. Cash for meals– in case you have to order in
  6. Production worksheets– with your thoughts on instrumentation on each tune, you can also use this to make notes as things happen, like cut the guitar in bridge, etc.
  7. Pen and pencils – for others to make notes and changes on their charts
  8. Water – best to bring a few gallons for you and others or check before you go that the studio provides water. (if you are recording in the middle of nowhere, it is small essential that is overlooked)
  9. Sweater– depending on the studio, but many studios have rooms they don’t always heat or the A/C could be cranking, so you need to be prepared
  10. Camera or video to document this once in a lifetime moment for your band’s history. Post and update your social media sites to get fans excited about your project

Get It Together  PDF