Here at Ten Degrees Warmer, we believe that any one of us can be awesome if we simply choose to be. Making that choice can be both terrifying and exhilarating, and staying the course through the challenges of life isn’t always easy. After all, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

The profiles we present here are of remarkable people who have made their choice to live a deliberately extraordinary life and who have agreed to share some of their insight with us. Whether those profiled are artists, or entrepreneurs, or would consider themselves “ordinary people”, I’m very excited to help people brag about their awesome selves. (As if anyone reading this blog is “ordinary”. HA! I scoff at the very idea!)

By day Devlin Miles is a personal trainer, and by night she the lead singer of the band Sweet Little Bloodhound, formerly known as the Devlin Miles Band. She has been writing original songs and touring for the past four years along with Rick Mauran on drums and percussion, and Ben Falkoff on lead and rhythm guitar. Her songs “This Guy”, “You & Me”, and “Autumn’s Fires” won first place for the Soft Rock Channel, she was selected as the Subway Fresh Artist by Mtv and Clear Channel affiliates, and was voted #1 to open for Bon Jovi in a battle of the bands on Her new album, “Sweet Little Bloodhound” has just dropped and is now available on iTunes. (I’m listening to it right now!) Devlin currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. read more here…

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