Cuba Changed My Life!!!

It is hard to say when I felt the change, when the floor underneath my feet began moving, when I could no longer stand still, one thing is for sure it was Cuba.  Perhaps on the plane, knowing I only had a couple more hours of internet before we would be totally disconnected from the convenience of technology as we knew it?  Maybe it was arriving at the Cuban airport and being “picked up” by our guide at the airport, he was going to show us around Cuba, yet there was no car just him and we had to all hail a taxi, 7 of us?  Then there was the moment when we arrived at our Air B&B and we were reminded how technology has touched Cuba somehow? Or was it taking music classes in a foreign land and trying to navigate Havana streets alone? Or perhaps walking with a strange man throughout Habana?  Or it might have been getting away from it all and traveling with my wife and 4 other friends and experiencing this all together, aka the Potato Mafia, and all of us leaving our worries behind?  Or was it recording the whole trip on my phone from pictures to video to audio and being one of the only ones to record every moment and then leaving that phone in a taxi on my last night in Cuba?  One thing is for certain, it was Cuba!  Cuba changed my life!  And over the next 30 days, I intend to remain in touch with the feelings that shifted inside of me having traveled to Cuba.  Over the next 30 days, I will attempt to capture with words what only my pictures, video, and audio recordings could capture more eloquently.  I consider this the ultimate writing assignment to put into words the feeling, the character, the color, the life that I experienced while in Cuba.  It will be a journal of sorts, as to not forget the moments that I shared with strangers, who became friends, and friends who became family after a trip to Cuba.  I will start by saying this, Cuba is not for everyone!

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