Dream vs. Reality The best interpretation wins a Sweet Little Bloodhound T-shirt


Amazing how some dreams mirror our reality and some are abstractions from our reality.  Below we have Devlin’s dream recount for all those dream interpreters out there.

The best interpretation wins a Sweet Little Bloodhound T-shirt

I was driving in my little old car – Geo Prizm “Myrtle-the-Turtle”, who has gotten us places in this world…moving on….I was driving slowly upon seeing someone else parked illegally and the tow truck came- and I thought “they are gonna tow that person,” but before I knew they were about to tow me by mistake and then quickly the dream shifted to towing the illegally parked car.  I then drove to the end of the street and this was very clear I accelerated to take a left turn and I turned the wheel a hard left and the steering broke the car began accelarating to the right into the field and I couldn’t turn or brake the car, I knew I was going to crash into the woods and I braced for the crash, next thing the car had crashed so deep in the woods that no one would ever find me… I had to get out on my own if I wanted to be rescued.  I finally caught up with my wife Kim in the dream and we were getting medical treatment I seemed ok and when I finally looked down my second toe was all askew and I had a huge gash in the middle of my foot.  Then I woke up…ready go.


SLB In The Trailer podcast, learning the curves, and hosting The Mona Dahls

Putnams Unplugged For Folksake--5

It has been an exciting undertaking to continue to develop a music scene in Clinton Hill/Fort Greene Brooklyn at Putnam’s Unplugged. To learn about the booking process from the venues prospective, but also knowing the artists perspective. It has been helpful in so many ways and also helping Sweet Little Bloodhound in launching a weekly podcast and the launch of our new album. There has been a strong learning curve and with aggressive deadlines we have had to maneuver to stay on track and keep ahead of the game. This week’s featured artist- The Mona Dahls came by for an interview before their show and we got to speak with them about their influences as a band and their favorite indie artists. We also got into their pockets and figured out what their purpose is… we hope you enjoy the podcast. Let us know what you think, we are planting the seeds all over the internet. You can find the podcast on our website and on these other sites.

YouTube (includes slides of performance and PR shots of The Mona Dahls)


All are easy to share, so be sure to spread the word and keep sending your favorite indie artists our way. We have a lot of exciting plans about where we will be moving the SLB Trailer soon, so keep checking back.

SLB In The Trailer podcast Ep 6 Cal Kehoe & Tattoo Money


6 episodes in and learning every episode.  This episode we learned the importance of microphone stability, which might seem obvious, but it wasn’t when we were recording, however it became evidently clear on editing as we shared 2 mics between 3 people and there was a lot of mic noise.  Also on previous episodes we were able to include live clips from the performances, but we had sound level issues on the recording – not clear if it was because both Cal and Pete used pedals and EQ’d themselves or if our levels were not adjusted from the mixing board, therefore we included a little SLB Don’t Take It Personal Clip. Check it out here

Featured Artists

Cal Kehoe

Tattoo Money

This episodes we discussed

Identifying your audience, Artist EPK services – Sonicbids, Reverbnation, Video platforms YouTube and Vimeo

Link to the Identifying Your Audience article and tips by DigiFreq

SLB In The Trailer Ep 1 Kim Nicholais photographer for “Putnam’s Unplugged”

This video/podcast is the first episode of “SLB In The Trailer” featuring commercial photographer Kim Nicholais, who will be photographing and documenting “Putnam’s Unplugged”

Putnam’s Unplugged is a weekly Sunday Night Music Series at Putnam’s Pub & Cooker, 419 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY hosted by Devlin Miles of Sweet Little Bloodhound, who will interview all the featured artist for our weekly podcast series of “SLB – In The Trailer”.

SLB – In The Trailer podcasts focus is to help other indie artists with tips from acts that are also out there making it happen and figuring out what makes them tick and how they approach their songwriting and where they draw their influences.

In this episode Kim and Devlin discuss what they are hoping to build at Putnam’s with a community of songwriters and bands that are all competing for some air time in NYC and how this little Brooklyn venue and neighborhood can bring the cool back to gigging in NYC and be an intimate place for artists to connect with their fans and for fans to feel a part of the show.  Feel free to leave comments on how to improve it, questions you want to ask, or better yet come to “Putnam’s Unplugged” and be a part of the excitement.

Introducing: (drum roll)

SLB In The Trailer Episode 1 Kim Nicholais


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