September Blues – (The Camera Fades included)

Happy September –
September comes with a myriad of emotions.
Excitement for what is to come in the new school year, a new season at work returning from Summer, and all sorts of possibilities about how the year will end – promotions, raises, the election, so much happening this season.
The September Blues disappointment because Summer, fun, BBQing, and family outdoor/vacation/beach season is ending.
Re-commitment and Intent – “this time I am gonna end the year strong,”  “I am gonna focus,”  “get back to those goals I have abandoned and improve myself physically and mentally.”
Tomorrow is 9/11 and Sweet Little Bloodhound, all based in the NY area, all have our own stories as to what happened that day, one beautiful September day – Crisp air and bright blue skies, I walked out of the train to smoke and burning papers raining to the ground on Wall Street as I dodged my way to the office. This song marks my journey and I am releasing it to you to honor all of us and our memories of what happened before and what came after – more beautiful September Blues- this song is called
The Camera Fades


In honor of Sept 11- Sweet Little Bloodhound will be playing a special show in Northampton, MA tomorrow from 4-7pm at The Deck – it is Free and it is outside and it will be a beautiful September day.
Thank you to all, who have come and supported us this Summer and who are reaching out and shouting out to us on social media. We are grateful for your time and your presence with us on this journey.
Love from the doghouse-
Devlin, Jibrail, Shanelle, Olivia, Tony, Buttahs, and Bishop
Here are the lyrics if you would just like to read them
When the towers fell
We learned for ourselves
That nothing comes for free
And there’s a price for liberty
The firemen, who rushed the gates
The police force, who keeps us safe
The child at home, who no longer waits
The people that we lost that day

What you did not see at home on your TV
And what you did not hear as the nation filled with fear
The sirens that never ceased
The emptiness that filled our streets
The landmarks we’ll never see
A city chopped off at the knees

The camera fades, but the souls remain
The wounds may heal, but we’re never the same
Our innocence was lost
We’re still totaling the costs
As soldiers sacrifice
I guess freedom has it’s price

Now the question is
Where were you when they hit
Be careful who you ask
There are wounds behind our masks
I was watchin’ from the Jersey shore
I viewed it from my subway car
I dodged debris from up above
I was trying to reach the ones I love

The camera fades, but the souls remain
the wounds may heal, but we’re never the same
Our innocence was lost
We’re still totaling the costs
As soldiers sacrifice
I guess freedom has its price

What once was there has now disappeared
Where souls did roam now a tourists home
Buying lots of crap, like ground zero hats,
but I have to laugh cause NY is like that
Repeat chorus

“…definitely a ‘now’ up and coming independent band” mention by Forksterocks

20th of January 2015


Sweet Little Bloodhound are an exceptional soulful rock sound/band that hail stateside out of Greenfield, Massachusetts, Northeast. They really bring a sensationally thrilling melodically soulful rock n’ roll charm with genre element diversity inclusions of rock, country, blues/bluesrock, folk and alternative rock orbits. The overall musicianship was swimming with gorgeous glows and especially was partial to their usage of phenomenal blues/jazzy keys, soaring souther rock n’ roll guitar riff skies and female vocals that were honest & thriving in quality and talent. They are definitely a ‘now’ up and coming independent band. These rockers should really stimulate the ear worlds of good music appreciators everywhere, ‘class band’ all the way!

Sweet Little Bloodhound will be very admirable listening to fans of: Alison Krauss and Union Station, Roseanne Cash, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, KT Tunstall.

Genre: Soulful Rock Music
From: Greenfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Main Link:

SLB In The Trailer podcast, learning the curves, and hosting The Mona Dahls

Putnams Unplugged For Folksake--5

It has been an exciting undertaking to continue to develop a music scene in Clinton Hill/Fort Greene Brooklyn at Putnam’s Unplugged. To learn about the booking process from the venues prospective, but also knowing the artists perspective. It has been helpful in so many ways and also helping Sweet Little Bloodhound in launching a weekly podcast and the launch of our new album. There has been a strong learning curve and with aggressive deadlines we have had to maneuver to stay on track and keep ahead of the game. This week’s featured artist- The Mona Dahls came by for an interview before their show and we got to speak with them about their influences as a band and their favorite indie artists. We also got into their pockets and figured out what their purpose is… we hope you enjoy the podcast. Let us know what you think, we are planting the seeds all over the internet. You can find the podcast on our website and on these other sites.

YouTube (includes slides of performance and PR shots of The Mona Dahls)


All are easy to share, so be sure to spread the word and keep sending your favorite indie artists our way. We have a lot of exciting plans about where we will be moving the SLB Trailer soon, so keep checking back.

Devlin Miles interviewed by Ten Degrees Warmer

Here at Ten Degrees Warmer, we believe that any one of us can be awesome if we simply choose to be. Making that choice can be both terrifying and exhilarating, and staying the course through the challenges of life isn’t always easy. After all, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

The profiles we present here are of remarkable people who have made their choice to live a deliberately extraordinary life and who have agreed to share some of their insight with us. Whether those profiled are artists, or entrepreneurs, or would consider themselves “ordinary people”, I’m very excited to help people brag about their awesome selves. (As if anyone reading this blog is “ordinary”. HA! I scoff at the very idea!)

By day Devlin Miles is a personal trainer, and by night she the lead singer of the band Sweet Little Bloodhound, formerly known as the Devlin Miles Band. She has been writing original songs and touring for the past four years along with Rick Mauran on drums and percussion, and Ben Falkoff on lead and rhythm guitar. Her songs “This Guy”, “You & Me”, and “Autumn’s Fires” won first place for the Soft Rock Channel, she was selected as the Subway Fresh Artist by Mtv and Clear Channel affiliates, and was voted #1 to open for Bon Jovi in a battle of the bands on Her new album, “Sweet Little Bloodhound” has just dropped and is now available on iTunes. (I’m listening to it right now!) Devlin currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. read more here…

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