SLB In The Trailer Ep12 Rachael Sage part 1


Rachael Sage posterWe had the great privilege of hosting the indie artist of indie artists- Rachael Sage at #PutnamsUnplugged on Sunday, May 10th. In preparation for the show, SLB went to her indie label offices of MPress Records to do a two part interview. The first part of the interview we discuss Sage’s artistry from visual to musical influences. She also discuss her new album Blue Roses as well as her extensive touring. We also hear live clips of her performance at Putnam’s Pub & Cooker. We also discuss songwriting, collaboration with Judy Collins on a Neil Young cover tune – Helpless. She shares insight into her world with a tenderness, as we hear the angst of being an artist and the ever question of when are we ever ready to collaborate with those that we have come before us.

Part 2 we cover how her indie label Mpress came about and how she finds and signs artists, also how should an indie artist present themselves to a label, dos and don’t, etc.


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Devlin Miles radio interview with DJ Kevin Tocci

Monday Night Talk 3-30-2015 featuring Devlin Miles, of Sweet Little Bloodhound

APRIL 4, 2015 @ 10:12 PM
Devlin Miles, lead singer and songwriter for Sweet Little Bloodhound is a guest for this segment of Monday Night Talk! Devlin shares details of her music career and how this group came together to release its self-titled album. During the interview the tracks, “Superhero Female” and “Poor Mr Sunshine” are also played. For more about the band and their music, visit their website;


Akademia Music Award Winner for Best Americana/Country Album

DM Akademia Winner Announcement

We just found out we won for Best Americana/Country Album by Akademia Music Awards, such a great treat. Big shout out to The Akademia Music Awards and to Music Page for connecting indie artists with great opportunities.


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It’s been a week of good news. We were just notified that Sweet Little Bloodhound has been officially nominated for the April 2015 Akademia Music Award

A big thank you to the team at Akademia for your consideration.

WomenInCharg3 Award Nomination for SLB

We are thrilled to be nominated for Female Indie Artist Award by WomenInCharg3 Radio for Best Album. It is quite a feeling to be nominated for an award honoring women with this album because of Superhero Female song about Shattering all glass ceilings. Baby steps, but sometimes you just getting the node is worth it’s weight in Gold. Big thank you to Womenincharg3 radio and to Satoa Raymond, who is helping to raise the awareness of female artists in the industry.